Mentors & Speakers

IBuild relationships, receive feedback, and gain insights from the challenges, mistakes, and experiences of our mentors & speakers.

Pam Silverstein

Cornell | Prev. Company Acquired for $265M+

Chetan Velivela

Cornell | Global Head of ML @ TikTok

Michele Kaliski 

MIT | Director @ MIT Angel Fund

Zhou (Jo) Yu

Columbia Professor | Founder of Articulate AI

Jason Guss

Cornell | AI Product Manager @ Google

Arjun Kannan

Cornell | Co-Founder @ Resi Desk ($1M+ ARR)

Eugene Huang

UC Berkeley | Head Data Engineer @ FinTech Startup ($1B+ valuation)

Simon Pastor

Yale | Associate @ Entrepreneur First

Albert Putra Purnama

Forbes 30 under 30 | Co-Founder @ Typedream (YC’20)

Ryan Kelly

College Dropout | Founder @ Consign AI

Adam J. Kirsch

Cornell | Advisor & Investor, Exited-Founder

Jeffrey Zhang

Cornell | Founder @ SpeakUp Ventures

Nancy Almann D.C.

Cornell | Managing Director @ Blackstone Launchpad

Ryoko Nozawa

Cornell | Fund Manager @ NY Ventures, Empire State Development

DuWayne Harrison

Cornell | Executive Consultant