SpeakUp Ventures

Startup School for Asian High School Dreamers

πŸ’Έ completely free ⏰ 10 hours / wk 🌎 online + irl


Build Your First Company in 5 weeks

Guided by the best entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders in Silicon Valley and NYC


Compete in International Pitch Competitions

Pitch your idea to real investors at the end of the 5 weeks


Enhance Ivy League Admissions

Learn the secrets of college admissions from real students, professors, and alumni

Founded to help high-achieving Asian students access entrepreneurship, build leadership and communication skills, and explore unconventional career paths.

We don't care about your resume or credentials

We value your curiosity, passion, resilience, empathy, and purpose

We believe these values are foundational to uplifting others and achieving success in business and life πŸ˜‡ πŸ†