SpeakUp Ventures

Startup School for Asian High School Dreamers

Build Your First Company in 5 weeks

Compete Internationally

Enhance College Admissions

Accelerated program to give Aspiring Asian HS Entrepreneurs the community, mentorship, guidance to start their 1st company

Founded on the belief that many high-achieving Asian students lack the confidence, communication, and presentation skills to stand out and succeed at the highest levels e.g., college admissions, networking events, interviews, jobs, internships, etc.

💚 Collaborating with kind-hearted 💚 professors, entrepreneurs, and innovators from

💖 Why our students love us 💖

Virtual Global

In-Person NYC & LA

*Scholarships available

Overcome Social Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking

We've created a safe space for students to fail gracefully, engage in meaningful work, and practice speaking out loud.

Become a Storyteller and Influence the World

College admissions and society often perceive Asians as quiet, timid, passive followers. Students will learn to forge their own path toward success, navigate through ambiguity, and speak up for themselves and others.

Stand Out with a Meaningful College Essay

If you're Asian, perfect SAT scores and GPA are not enough to stand out. However, an essay that highlights your character and ability to make the world a better place is rare and is what top colleges want.

Letters of Recommendation

If students excel in their work and impress their mentors / speakers they can request a letter of recommendation for college applications, summer school placements, or internships.

Shark Tank Competition

Our program culminates in Demo Day to celebrate our students' hard work. Students will create presentations and pitch their ideas to Silicon Valley investors, founders, and innovators. Family and friends are invited.

We don't care about your resume or credentials

We value your curiosity, passion, resilience, empathy, and drive

We believe these values are foundational to uplifting others and achieving success in business and life 😇 🏆


Mentors & Speakers

Build relationships, receive feedback, and gain insights from the challenges, mistakes, and experiences of our mentors & speakers.

Zhou (Jo) Yu

AI Professor @ Columbia University, Founder of, Forbes 30 under 30

Chetan Velivela

Global Head of ML @ TikTok

Michele Kaliski 

Director @ MIT Angel Fund | Cornell Engineering Council

Arjun Kannan

Co-Founder @ Resi Desk ($1M+ ARR)

Pam Silverstein

Entrepreneur-in-Residence @ Life-Changing Labs (Prev. Company Acquired for $265M+)

Albert Putra Purnama

Co-Founder @ Typedream (YC’20), Forbes 30 under 30

Nancy Almann D.C.

Managing Director @ Cornell, Blackstone Launchpad

Ryoko Nozawa

Fund Manager @ NY Ventures, Empire State Development

Simon Pastor

Investor @ Entrepreneur First | Yale

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Shark Tank Competition Judges

Benedict Dohmen 

Co-Founder @ Benitago ($380M+ Raised) | University of Cambridge

Jessica Shen

Founder @ Asian Founders Club | Wharton

Simon Pastor 

Investor @ Entrepreneur First | Yale

Mary Leong 

Innovation Professor @ Cornell | Columbia